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North Yorkshire District

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Welcome to the Spiritualists National Union North Yorkshire District

Spiritualism means many things to many people to some it is a philosophy, to some a religion, to some the science behind mediumship and evidence of life after death along with the natural laws of cause and effect, to some it is the life long study and attainment of spiritual wisdom.

Whatever Spiritualism may come to mean or be defined as by any individual, it is fundamentally a journey of unfolding one’s own spirituality with the aim of bringing about a transformation of the individual's spiritual qualities, morals and ethics for the betterment of self and to the benefit of all in this life.

Everybody is welcome, regardless of race, religion or lifestyle. The basic teachings of spiritualism are contained in seven principles, how you interpret them is up to you.

Spiritualism is a recognised religion. The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) holds charitable status in the UK and as such receives recognition equal to that of other registered religious charities. It has been legally recognised by the home office since 1939 as an appointing body for Spiritualist ministers, whose rights and responsibilities are equal to those of ministers of other religions.

The SNU North Yorkshire district covers the county to the north, west and east. It also covers North and North East Lincolnshire.  The district stretches from Grimsby up the east coast to Scarborough and inland west to Hebden Bridge.  

There are 25 Spiritualist Churches/Centre with around 1200 members in our district and almost 150 individual Spiritualists who are members of the SNU.  While some information is from the main SNU site, here we are local to the SNU North Yorkshire district and welcome feedback.  The district councils are regional administrative branches of the SNU.

They are made up of a committee which reflects the structure of the SNU National Executive Committee (NEC) performs such duties as may from time to time be delegated by the NEC.

Our function is to oversee the churches and Centres in our district, and make sure information from the NEC and the National Council is passed to the grass-roots of the Union.  In addition we further the objectives of the Spiritualist's National Union within the SNU North Yorkshire area, to promote the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism as based on the Seven Principles:

1. The Fatherhood of God.

2. The Brotherhood of Man.

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.

4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul.

5. Personal Responsibility.

6. Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good & Evil Deeds done on Earth.

7. Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul

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